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which of the following best illustrates ecological succession? see concept 54.3 (page 1227)

The ecological succession in the sense of ecological succession means that a species will continue to increase in abundance.

Ecological succession is a concept that is not really a scientific term but rather a layman’s way of describing the process of succession. Ecological succession is the process of a species increasing in abundance.

Ecological succession refers to a process in which a species (e.g., trees) increases in abundance or is replaced by a new species (e.g., grasses). For example, if a species of grass increases in abundance, it is said to be “successional.” If a species of tree decreases in abundance, it is said to be “decremental succession.” If a species of grass increases in abundance, it is said to be “regressive succession.

Succession in the case of trees is the process of an individual tree growing into a larger tree. Regression in the case of trees is the process of a tree growing into its roots. It is sometimes said that regressive succession occurs when a tree falls into the ground, but that is incorrect because regressive succession does not require the trees to grow into their roots.

It’s not so much that a species of grass increases its abundance; it is more that the grass grows up into the grasses, creating a new species. In the case of trees, the tree’s growth is not a part of the tree’s growth.

Regression can be shown as a particular type of change in a tree, but it is not the same as regressive succession. In some cases, regressive succession may be more appropriate, but in other cases, regressive succession is more appropriate.

This one is for you to decide. If you are in a state where you can control your own ecological succession, then you can use regressive succession, but you may need to consider your own ecological succession. For example, if you have a state like Hawaii where the weather changes with the seasons, then you would not want to use regressive succession because you want to keep the same state.

To illustrate the concept, I decided to take a look at the ecological succession of the U.S. state of California. I found that regressive succession is more appropriate for California, but I will use regressive succession for Hawaii. Hawaii’s ecological succession is quite regressive because it’s influenced by the ocean currents, the seasons, and the tides. In other words, we really can’t make a regressive ecological succession in Hawaii because we can’t control the ocean.

The idea of ecological succession is that the environment in any given place changes over time. For example, the environment of a place changes as the result of human activities, such as agriculture and urban development. In the case of California, our environment changes in part by the amount of rainfall and the amount of time the water is in the ocean. So, regressive succession is appropriate.

regressive succession is more relevant in Hawaii because California is a region that is quite different from other areas of the US. For example, there are large rivers that run through the state, and the soil is much different than it is elsewhere.


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