What’s a mature cannabis plant

A mature cannabis plant has become highly developed with a dense cluster of flowers. The flowers are densely packed, and the leaves are broad, an inch or more wide. You’ll know it’s a mature cannabis plant because the trichomes – those sticky resin glands that give marijuana its inspective flavour and smell – will be predominantly orange. When you see these precocious plants at your local dispensary, you can expect an intense smoking experience.

Mature plants should be harvested when they’re just starting to show their age (light green colour mixed with browns) since younger cannabis plants are more delicate in taste and feel. Some growers will cut the leaves off of immature plants to save time and energy by decreasing the plant’s photosynthetic activity. Once you’ve stripped the leaves from a plant, you can use that herb for any marijuana extraction or infusion, as long as you don’t mind the loss of chlorophyll.

What’s a mature cannabis plant? 

It’s a highly developed herb with a dense cluster of flowers. The flowers are densely packed, and the leaves are broad, an inch or more wide. The trichomes – those sticky resin glands that give marijuana its distinctive flavour and smell – will be predominantly orange when you see these precocious plants at your local dispensary.

Several strains of cannabis from different places will have different appearances before maturity. The more potent the strain, the sooner it’ll show signs of maturity. It’s normal to have a few plants still on the verge of maturity. Some flowers may appear ready to harvest but are a few weeks short. To determine maturity, look at what other growers are doing and let your plants develop naturally.

How do I determine when my cannabis plant is mature?

It’s impossible to predict precisely when your marijuana will reach the peak of its flowering period since genetics and growing conditions will vary from plant to plant. To stay on top of the cycle, count on your plant to reach completion around harvest time. Look at your plant’s trichomes – little orange resin glands that look like tiny whiskers located in the buds. If your mature cannabis plant is full of globs of trichomes beginning to form, it’s getting close to maturation.

What do I do if my marijuana is immature but still green?

When harvesting a mature cannabis plant, you’ll want to leave plenty of stems and roots. You can cut off the tops – leave enough stems so the plant will grow back. If you cut off too much, the plant may not grow back. If you still have a lot of green marijuana left, put it in an airtight container and put it away.

How do I know when my mature cannabis plant is ready for use?

Eventually, all the trichomes will turn orange. Although most people are familiar with the colour orange only due to marijuana leaves and flowers, oranges are a fruit that grows on trees. Similarly, cannabis plants will continue to gain orange trichomes until their entire exterior turns bright orange. If your cannabis is still green when everything else turns orange, your plant is not yet ready for harvesting Weed.

It is generally easier and faster to cut off the top side of a mature cannabis plant than to cut off the bottom side. Cut your marijuana plants at their base, where their roots emerge through the soil. The top of your marijuana can be left intact if you don’t take it away too much. Consider cutting your plants at an angle, so they don’t fall over after harvest and break in half across their axes. This can ruin the entire pot.

What is the best way to cut off the leaves of a mature marijuana plant?

It’s reasonably easy to cut off mature cannabis plan leaves using scissors, clippers or pruners. The most popular method is to trim the leaves from your plant by cutting them at their base. One method for trimming your plants is to hold two leaves together and snip at their necks with garden shears or scissors. This allows you to target only newly formed and green growth, which keeps you from picking through all your foliage and helps reduce chlorophyll content so as not to flavour your smoke with leafy greens (stems).

How do I harvest my mature cannabis plant?

When harvesting your mature cannabis plant, start by cutting off the big fan leaves, then leave the smaller ones. If you want to ensure you aren’t losing any THC from your pot, the best time to harvest is when most trichomes are cloudy and still relatively straightforward (versus white or amber). Around this time, your plants are at their peak potency, and their high is said to be sweeter. The sooner you cut it down after this stage, the better it will be. There’s no need to fear making a mistake; get out that scalpel, snip away and cure your weed for about two months before smoking.


Marijuana plants show a lot of variation, depending on their genetics and growing conditions. It’s impossible to give precise harvest dates for every strain. Still, you can look for signs of maturity at your local dispensary and watch the upcoming harvest calendar to plan accordingly.

The best way to get an idea of when your cannabis is mature is to count the number of visible trichomes in the bud leaves. This will tell you how long it takes for the trichomes to turn brown and how close it is to harvest time.



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