weed banners

I have seen these in several different places including on the top of the wall of my office, in the middle of my front yard, and on the outside of my front door. They are a great way to keep your yard weed free.

A weed banner is simply a banner that’s attached to a sign or fence. They are generally about 8-12′ long and range from 16″ to 24″.

The best part about weed banners is that they only cost about $2.50 and are easy to put up. They also protect your yard from rain, snow, and other weather elements. So for someone who is afraid of the weather, putting up some weed banners can be a great way to keep your yard clean and weed free.

The most common weed banners in our yard. But, it’s also worth checking out to see if they are actually going to rain, too.

The weed banners are usually made from either 1.5-inch or 2.5-inch stalks of marijuana (marijuana is legal for recreational use in most states) and you can get them in various colors and styles. So you can have your yard sign look festive, or serious, or just plain old plain.

If you’re looking to get weed banners to decorate your house, you can look at the yellow ones below with an orange or red shade. It also gives your yard a great name, too.

You can also find them at some local marijuana vendors, or at a local art gallery or bookstore.

You can also buy them online. For example, here are some you might want to look into: www.thegreenpages.com/product-category/marijuana_sign_fountain_banners.

If you’re wondering what weed banners are good for, well, they are just awesome. They’re colorful and easy to make, look great on a lawn, and are also really cheap. So when you think about it, weed banners are pretty much the most cost-effective way to put on a lawn that you can’t easily do with flowers or grass.

While most weed banners can be made out of cheap plastic, these ones can be made out of real flowers. Check our list below for some ideas.


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