The Reasons Why We Love Outdoor Weed Farms

Outdoor weed farms are a new and controversial business started by small business owners across the country. These farmers grow cannabis plants outdoors in natural sunlight, without pesticides or other artificial fertilizers. These farms stand out from indoor farms as they don’t produce any carbon emissions. Water usage is minimal because marijuana requires less water than most crops. 

Outdoor weed farming also allows more light to reach the plant, which considerably increases its THC. Many believe that by using this method, cannabis will be healthier for consumers to consume and minimize environmental pollution associated with large-scale agricultural operations such as those used in indoor farming facilities.

Why Do People Buy Outdoor Weed Farms?

Most people who prefer to buy outdoor weed farms over indoor farms claim that they feel safer, healthier, and in many cases, more relaxed when smoking marijuana grown outdoors. They believe there are several environmental benefits, too.

1) Outdoor Weed Farms are Safer for Consumers. 

These outdoor farms do not use any harmful chemical fertilizer or pesticide found in indoor farms. There are also no carbon emissions from their vehicles as they travel to their client’s homes to deliver the marijuana plants. Many believe this makes these outdoor weed farms safer for consumers and the environment.

2) Environmental Impact of Outdoor Weed Farms

A second reason why people buy outdoor weed farms is to preserve the environment. Traditionally, farmers in several industries have been dumping waste into area streams and rivers like creeks and streams as a cost-saving measure. However, these actions have been detrimental to these ecosystems. Over-fertilizing crops lead to dead zones and contaminated waterways in lakes, rivers, etc., around agricultural centres (see Dead Zone). 

3) Outdoor Weed Farms is Cost Savings

A third reason why people buy outdoor weed farms is to save money. Many believe that indoor grows are more expensive and lead to environmental destruction. Statistically, indoor marijuana farming facilities use massive amounts of water and electricity. This is mainly because of the need to provide light, cool temperatures, and artificial fertilizers to plants. Which results in increased carbon emissions (see Marijuana growers).

Outdoor Weed Farms

4) Outdoor Weed Farms Increase Plant Quality and Health

People buy outdoor weed farms because they believe the plants grow in natural sunlight. These factors will lead to healthier plants and a higher THC potency. This is the primary reason many people consider marijuana healthier to smoke than tobacco. Indoor farmers often monitor the amount of light their plants get, which can promote discolouration of the leaves and an overall lack of natural healthiness. By having marijuana grow in natural sunlight, small patches of light can reach all parts of each plant instead of having all of the plant’s growth directed upward.

5) Outdoor Weed Farms Create Economic Booms in Rural Areas

Many areas in rural regions are suffering from economic hardship, like unemployment and foreclosure rates that are higher than in most urban areas. However, there is a benefit to having cannabis farms in these areas: they bring money into small communities. In particular, marijuana farmers have started buying up large tracts of rural land and locating their crops in these areas. This, in turn, brings money into the local economy as they need to buy construction materials and other services that the smaller towns provide.

What Is The Cost of Outdoor Weed Farms?

Outdoor weed farms are relatively cheap to set up and maintain. This is because the cost of electricity, water, and other materials needed for indoor growing is not required. These materials may include lights, fertilizers, and more. However, the cost of maintaining these supplies is also lower than that for indoor facilities, as the farmer does not need artificial cooling or lighting. For example, many growers say that a hundred-watt light bulb placed in sunlight will provide enough light to grow marijuana plants indoors. (although it would require much more space than outdoors). Many growers also use pesticides and other artificial chemicals in their indoor grows but often do not use them when growing their plants outside. This is because they recognize that the herb is safe to consume without such natural chemicals.

How Do Outdoor Weed Farms Differ From Indoor Farming?

Like indoor weed farm, outdoor ones also have to ensure that their plants receive adequate sunlight and nutrients. However, with outdoor marijuana farms, there is often more time for the farmers to take care of their crops than those who grow indoors because time is not as limited as it is for indoor farmers. Many outdoor grows are in areas where natural sunlight can reach all parts of the plants. These areas tend to be more fantastic and more suitable for growing marijuana than areas that only receive artificial light. These areas are also considered more desirable because they promote the herb’s growth. In contrast, artificial light and heating can cause the herb’s leaves to become discoloured, lose nutrients, and be less potent. 


Despite the reasons people prefer to buy outdoor weed farms over indoor marijuana growing facilities, one thing is clear. There are environmental benefits from growing this herb in areas where it receives natural sunlight. This is because more time can be spent caring for the plants, and there is less need for artificial cooling, light, and other elements that can often lead to pollution. Indoor farming also requires large amounts of water and electricity, which is why local authorities have shut down many indoor facilities.



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