The Modern Rules Of Is It Legal To Grow Pot In Michigan.

This article aims to address some of the questions people frequently ask me at Partywithstyle. It will give you a basic description of how the marijuana laws work in Michigan to know whether or not it is legal to grow pot in your city. We will start with the basics and look at what cities and towns are where marijuana is still illegal. I get the most common question is, “is it legal to grow pot in Detroit”. The answer to this question is yes; in 2015, you were able to grow a small amount of weed at home for recreational purposes. You can choose between 2 and 12 plants per household depending on how many adults live there. It is also legal for a household member who is 18 or older to possess up to 5 grams of cannabis on their person.

If you decide to grow your marijuana plants, be aware of the restrictions. For example, if you live in a home with children under 18, you will be limited accordingly. You will also not be allowed to grow marijuana plants in a home located within 1,000 feet of a school or daycare.

What if I don’t live in Detroit?

If you don’t live in Detroit, but you two of your friends do, it is possible to grow an unlimited amount of marijuana plants. As long as there is only one person per household. This means that you and your friends can collectively grow an unlimited number of pot plants as long as no other adults live there. Technically, this would only be legal if all three people lived in the same residence. 

What about grow pot medical marijuana?

If you live in a city that does not allow private citizens to grow their cannabis at home. You may still be able to get a medical marijuana card. grow pot  Getting a medical marijuana card is not very difficult, but it will require some paperwork, plus paying any applicable application fees that your local municipality charges. Before making an appointment with your primary care physician, I suggest you consult the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act to know which state-approved conditions qualify you to use cannabis as medicine.

How do the laws keep up with legalization of grow pot?

As of now, the law is still relatively new, and there are a lot of loopholes that people can take advantage of. For example, Michigan has not yet developed a registry for people who grow marijuana plants. Because grow pot  of this, many people are growing marijuana plants for their friends and family members in complete safety and anonymity. The state also mandates no inspections to ensure that your cannabis growing operation is as clean as possible. In addition, there is no way for the state to keep track if you sell any of your homegrown marijuana to your friends and neighbours.

What cities still ban grow pot cannabis?

There is a list on the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program website to see which municipalities have chosen not to allow medical or recreational marijuana. So far, there have not been any major changes to the list of cities that have taken a stance on cannabis. Below is a table that shows the status of each city in 2015. However, grow pot  this is not the case. The cities listed above all have a population of over 45,000, according to the 2016 Census. Furthermore, 60% of these communities are located in Macomb County, one of Michigan’s most populated counties. This means that you and your friends can legally grow marijuana plants in at least 2 out of every 5 Michigan municipalities!

What happens if I get caught growing grow pot  marijuana?

Luckily when it comes to marijuana, there is always a chance to get out of it by claiming that. You were experimenting with it for fun and personal use only. Although this defence is not worth anything in the eyes of the law. grow pot  It would most likely be valid if you could prove that you had a doctor’s prescription for medical cannabis. Also, keep a record of your growing marijuana plants and include your monthly outdoor temperature in your statement. 



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