shooting accuracy under stress

When shooting a gun, it is very easy to be distracted and not keep your aim as level as you want. This is often the case when walking around in a gun-free environment where you never have to worry about an accidental discharge. A gun can be a real challenge to handle when it is in your hands and only inches away from your face. But most of the time you are not even aware that the gun is there.

It’s not uncommon for guns to be placed in the hands of someone who has not trained themselves to use it. This is called “shooting blind.” But if the gun was placed in the hands of someone who had trained themselves, then it is much different. The gun is not “just there.” It can be placed in a way that makes it nearly impossible to miss.

The trick to making it impossible to miss, is to make sure the gun is not placed too far from the target. In one example, a gun placed in the hand of an amateur marksman would be much more likely to miss than a gun placed in the hand of a professional. Here is a good example about the difference between using a gun for target practice and using it for self-defense.

I found this quote from an interview with Michael “Killer” Wilson, a former competitive marksman who says he still uses the same gun he used during his career as a competitive marksman. “The thing about shooting a gun is that I don’t know how far. So, when I go out and I use a gun, I’m not going to be able to tell you how far from the target I have to go.

And that’s why you have to practice. It will be easier for you and it will be easier for others if you’re more familiar with the target area you’re shooting at. But don’t take it as a bad thing that you’ll never get good at it. You’ll probably know if you take the time to practice enough, but you’ll never really be good at it.

I have a friend who is a very good marksman. He uses a handgun for target practice, and he shoots at ranges more than 200 yards. He practices with a.45 and a.380, and says that he can shoot the former “like a shot”, but the latter is impossible to aim with his eyes. As he puts it, “it is hard to hit a.380 with an AR-15, unless you know what you are doing”.

This is a very good question. While it may seem to be a bad thing to worry about shooting accuracy, and a very good question to be answered, sometimes you can’t get past the basics of how to shoot accurately without getting into trouble. You have to learn to shoot correctly, and learn not to shoot.

I like to shoot the gun with my eyes closed when I’m not using my eyes. So, I’m not using my eyes to aim, I’m just using my eyes to see the gun and figure out where to put the muzzle.

The real problem with shooting accuracy in your head is that it does not tell you the direction of the gun or how far the gun will go. The gun is not a very accurate tool, so if you look at your head, you can see the gun’s muzzle in the distance. You can also see the gun’s muzzle in the distance with your eyes closed, but you can’t see the muzzle as you can still see the gun’s muzzle.

In this case though there is an issue. The gun is a handgun. You have to use your eyes to aim. The gun shoots straight down at the target. By looking at the gun and then looking at the target, you are able to determine the exact location of the gun. This is why I said that the gun isn’t very accurate.


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