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I recently found a lot of inspiration for the blog from my friend Lexington by Lexington K. I’ve always been a fan of Lexington K. I’m not sure if I’ll ever read her blog, but I’m willing to try anyway. After seeing some of the pictures from the blog I’ve decided to share them with you.

Lexington’s blog is one of my favorite blogs, and I’m always impressed when someone uses the same exact colors and style to cover up their own writing style. Lexington has a very unique style with a lot of attention to detail. Its also one of the most photogenic blogs out there.

I believe she has written about this before, but I want to give you the link. It was posted on her blog as well as her twitter, and you should definitely check it out for yourself.

The Lexington blog has been around for quite a while now and is filled with quite a bit of information. It’s definitely worth checking out for the photogenic style that she uses and also the fact that she uses a lot of the same colors from her blog.

I’ve found that the way that Lexington uses many of her blog colors makes it fun to mix colors together. For instance, the blue of her blog posts is a great addition to any blue and/or white color palette. The blue of her twitter posts is a great addition to any blue and/or white color palette. I feel like that it adds to the overall photogenic nature of her blog.

I was pleasantly surprised that she went with a blue and white palette for her blog and not a blue and brown palette. I felt like it didn’t really match her blog color palette, but I can totally see it working well in a blog setting. It probably won’t feel too photogenic in real life, but there’s something about the combination of colors in her blog that makes it feel like a blog.

Like all your blog posts, Lexington has a blue and white color scheme. But she also uses other types of colors in her posts, so I think it works well. Not sure why she did choose that color scheme, but she probably liked the effect.

It also seems to be the color scheme she likes to use in her blog posts, because she uses all the colors in it so that she can use them to match her post design. In general, it’s a pretty neutral color scheme, but it’s more than just a color scheme, it’s a color palette.

Although both Lexington and I are pretty neutral colors, we can’t help but have some strong opinions on colors. For me, it’s definitely a good thing that Lex doesn’t use overly dark colors. Personally, I feel the color scheme is too much of a uniform and boring color scheme. It doesn’t seem to work well. But then again, if she uses it because she likes it, then I can’t really complain.

Lex has been around since the very beginning of the internet. Her blog is one of the oldest on the internet, and her most recent post has been a fun romp through a variety of online communities. Now she is back, and she is planning on going old school with the color scheme, and I definitely like that idea. Even though I would like to see some more of the original Lexington ky blog, I think she made a smart decision to come back with a new color scheme.


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