How to sell to dispensaries?

It can be pretty daunting if you’re looking to get into the cannabis Dispensaries  industry. You may feel like you don’t know where to start or how to sell your product. Start by making a business plan decide exactly what your company will focus on, who has the disposable income that is more likely to buy their product, and what market share opportunities are available in your local area. Plan out a budget for marketing strategies and advertising before applying for a state license with DPH’s Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation (BMMR). Once your application is approved, and your product has been deemed safe and generally accepted as a medical treatment, So get ready to sell cannabis to dispensaries.

Why do dispensaries need to sell cannabis?

First, each dispensary must make a “reasonable effort” to provide access to medical marijuana for registered patients and caregivers. Second, selling cannabis is the only way a licensee can ensure their business will be successful. In the medical marijuana industry, the 

dispensaries are where it all starts. Dispensaries can purchase products directly from cultivators and manufacturers, which provides a legal source for cannabis in Massachusetts. Without dispensaries, consumers would have no other place from which to purchase cannabis legally an estimated 96 percent of current patients in Massachusetts use dispensary products.

What makes for a good dispensary?

Dispensaries that have been able to survive and thrive in the new marketplace have found clever approaches to branding and marketing strategies. These dispensaries are now household names, from Compassionate Care Center (CCC) in Salem to Alternative Therapies Group (ATG) in Framingham. Each dispensary has its strengths and weaknesses; some excel at customer service, others at pricing, and some have a good reputation as safe locations. When selling cannabis to dispensaries, you want them to choose your products over others on the market.

How can dispensaries be convinced to choose their cannabis products?

First, it is important to understand how much work goes into operating a dispensary. Dispensaries cannot operate as a traditional business – each state has its own set of rules and regulations, and strict zoning laws apply in many cities and towns. Each employee must go through background checks, have valid medical and retail certificates, and have multiple levels of approval from the Department of Public Health (DPH). Dispensaries must also offer safe locations for patients – from the walls to the cash register. An excellent reputation for customer service and quality product offerings are essential in this industry.

What’s the easiest way to sell to dispensaries?

Dispensaries are looking for other ways to be successful. Which means they want to receive high-quality products with the best value. High-quality products will result in a high return rate from customers. If your product is of high quality but does not offer the best value. You do not have a product that will be attractive to dispensary clients. After all, you want them to choose your products over others on the market. After all, their main goal will be to find the best value available. If they cannot find it at your dispensary, because they may believe that there is no point in visiting on their own.

Why should you sell by the gram?

Dispensaries need to be able to offer a price that is attractive to patients. A gram of cannabis is a classic value-based offering from dispensaries. It’s a perfect price for patients looking for a single dose of cannabis and those looking for an edible product. So The gram-per-gram price offered by dispensaries also allows them to remain competitive with the black market. Dispensaries that sell by the ounce or 1/4oz of concentrates may be more complicated for patients because they may have too much product to carry on before leaving their dispensary.

What makes a dispensary keep your products on its shelves?

Dispensaries will be more than willing to buy your cannabis products, but only if they are properly packaged and labeled. Dispensaries must meet the Department of Public Health (DPH) regulations to be considered safe to consume. Packaging that is not clear and appropriately labeled may result in lost sales or even a visit from the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR). Dispensaries need to understand how to use your packaging. They will want it to appeal to their customers and make them look appealing.

What is the benefit of marketing cannabis to dispensaries?

Dispensaries want to look appealing to their customers. Marketing your products to dispensaries can be a key factor in allowing you access to the market. Establishing a strong relationship with your local dispensary will allow you more exposure. And help you build a name for yourself in the medical marijuana industry. The dispensary, in turn, will receive the popularity they are looking for and can become an important part of your business plan. By marketing your products properly and effectively, you may also get new CBD distributors interested in carrying your other non-cannabis products, such as tinctures, edibles, or topicals.

What’s the most important thing to know before you sell to dispensaries?

Dispensaries want to feel comfortable with their products. If you want them to feel confident in your product and know that the quality is there. They will likely keep your products on-site. Dispensaries will not want to be receiving a product that has either a great deal of THC or has a low level of THC. As this may increase their risk of prosecution from MDAR. So It is crucial that you clearly label every part of your cannabis product, including the amounts present in each batch and the amount of CBD present in each bottle.



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