How to Produce a Guest Post for SEO

If you want your high quality guest post sites to get good SEO benefits, you need to be careful to select the right target website. Before producing a guest post, you should do some research to find the right keywords that will help boost your SEO rankings. You can find these keywords by checking the backlink profile of the target site. Then, contact the blog owner and ask for permission to publish your article. Once you have obtained permission to publish your article, you can then proceed to the actual writing process.

An example of a guest post pitch

When composing your pitch, make sure to prioritize your audience and word count. Then, customize the pitch to suit the blogger’s style and tone. Including a question or a suggestion is also a good idea. Ultimately, your goal is to get the publication’s attention. But, how do you do that without annoying the editor? Below are some tips. Continue reading to learn how to write an excellent pitch.

Remember that the more relevant the site is to your niche, the more likely you’re to be published on their site. So, always choose sites that target the same audience as yours. If you find a site that matches the niche of your own, your guest post will be recognized as a natural link. But be careful – not every site is a good match. Check out their existing content, especially the old posts. If there’s any outdated content, make sure to remove it before submitting your pitch.

Checking the target site’s backlink profile

Before producing a guest post, check the target site’s backlink profile to ensure that the targeted site has relevant, quality links. The more relevant the site is to your industry and content, the more likely your link will be recognized as a natural one. Also, look for other issues with the site that could affect its overall ranking. Checking the target site’s backlink profile before producing a guest post for SEO can help you avoid making a mistake that could cost you a good deal of time.

Using Ahrefs’ Keyword Planner to check the domain authority of the target site is a great first step. This tool displays domain authority metrics for popular guest posts on various websites. It also shows the number of referring domains, which indicates how authoritative and engaging the site is. For your target site to have good authority and link popularity, the target site must have a domain authority (DA) of at least 50.

Writing a bio

Putting your bio in the right place is a critical element of creating a successful guest post. Most bios fail to address the most important rule: link to your landing page. You should include a link in your bio to your landing page so readers can quickly navigate to your site. Creating a bio that links to your landing page will drive traffic to your blog and landing page, converting readers into subscribers. And once readers subscribe to your list, they can visit your blog whenever they want.

A good bio should contain your brand name, hyperlinked URL, and a link to your root domain. This will help improve your page’s ranking. Make sure the anchor link has the keyword you want to rank for. An example of an anchor link is, “When Michelle is not designing pony hair, I’m writing for Mothers Always Write.”

Contacting the blog owner

There are a few ways to contact the blog owner and produce a guest posting services for SEO. The first option is the most obvious: simply comment on the blog. It will demonstrate your expertise in the industry and help you build relationships with other bloggers. You can also purchase links from blogs that don’t require reciprocity. However, this option isn’t recommended because the webmaster may remove the link or not follow it.


The next option is to contact the blog owner directly and ask for a guest post. While emailing the blog owner is convenient, it can also be time-consuming. Often, the owner will ignore your email or will only reply to a purely automated pitch. Even worse, if the blog owner is a quality website, they may be disinclined to accept a guest post.


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