How to Deal With Negative Amazon Reviews

Negative Amazon reviews can give a massive blow to a product’s performance. It may lead to a stoop in sales and negatively perceive your product or service. This is why dealing with negative reviews is essential to get a chance to win a dissatisfied user back and redeem yourself in the eyes of potential buyers. This article will provide you with excellent strategies to help you deal with negative Amazon reviews.

Some of the areas you need to focus on include:

Do Not Take It Personally

The first step to solving bad reviews is looking at the issue soberly. By not taking the matter as an attack on your business, you can use the chance to listen to the client and provide good feedback objectively. Understand what and why they complain and give an answer that addresses the issue and provides prompt feedback.

For example, if you shipped a parcel to the wrong destination and the client faulted you for poor and bad service. You can apologize and advise the user that you would resend the package to the correct destination and provide an incentive for their next purchase. This solves the problem but goes a long way in showing potential buyers who will read the comment that you care and take their complaints seriously.

Reply Publicly

It is very tempting to want to ignore a negative review or reply to it privately. According to Amazon marketing experts, this is a flawed strategy as it does not show potential buyers what steps were taken and makes them view your service as poor. By responding to a negative remark publicly, you have a chance to redeem yourself and win other customers who will read the comment.

When customers see the steps you took to correct a wrong or your response to negative feedback, they can make an informed decision and judge you fairly. Responding also gives you a chance to present your case showing two sides of the story.

Answer Quickly

Bad reviews will not miraculously disappear from your timeline, and not responding makes it worse. By promptly reaching out and answering complaints, you show that your business is customer-centric and get an opportunity to uphold yourself. For example, if a client complained that what was promised on features of a product was exaggerated, by responding, you not only clear the air in case the user bought a product that was not for the purpose they intended. You also get an opportunity to educate potential buyers on what the product is about, helping them make informed decisions.

Responding with suggestions on how to exchange a product, carry out a different delivery or give an incentive will help other clients know that you take them seriously and save you from significant losses. You can also salvage the situation by carrying out another delivery and turning a potentially harmful situation into a positive one if the client is happy with the new product sent to them.

Take the Time to Review Your Product Description

Analyzing and identifying patterns in negative feedback is essential to unmask the root cause of an issue. For example, if users complain about the size of a product. Adding information explaining the size of the product or likening it to things they may know is essential to managing expectations. This will see them understand what they are buying and save you from future negative feedback.

Stay Professional

Your language and tone when responding to negative feedback are fundamental. Ensure you are empathetic, kind, and considerate when responding to negative feedback. Whether a mistake is made by you or the user, treating them well will see you protect your brand. This can also be an opportunity to correct a wrong and hopefully have the user come back. Being rude or petty does not help a business but rather makes other buyers feel like you do not care, and they will choose to stay away from such establishments.

Negative reviews may sometime be inevitable in product and service delivery. How you respond to them is what matters. Using the above tips, you will likely turn a bad situation to your advantage and retain clients while attracting more to your site.


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